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APC has developed a new, trendsetting and natural feeding concepts for pigs.

The APC products for monogastric create a better environment for the lactic bacterias in the small intestine and these can generate greatly. Their metabolic products, lactic acid, lowers the pH significantly, reducing the living conditions of harmful bacteria, thereby improving animals health.

reduced acid buffer capacity of the feed – enhanced intestinal health

shorter time for farrowing and by this less disposition for MMA

more stability against infections – better immunity

good health status, less sickness problems with the respiratory tract, because of strongly reduced ammoniac in the stables.

more performance

high and constant weaning weights of piglets

more safe ovulation of the sows in time after weaning

better feed conversion by a better nutrient absorption

top condition of the sows after weaning

less mortality – more profit

less expenses for medication

up to 50% less ammonia in the air in the stables

less nitrogen and phosphorus in the manure

less water intake of pigs and by that

higher content of dry matter in the manure

clearly less manure


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