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Poultry production:

More sustainable, and substantially improved economic results!

Better nutrient intake by a functionally improved intestinal mucosa is of particular importance in poultry. With the APC feeding concepts we achieve this and can significantly reduce protein and macro elements.

Thus, we relieve the liver and we significantly improve immunity and health of the animals and the environment is relieved.

Protein reduction!
More Sustainability!
Maximising Economics!




strongly increased concentration of lactic bacteria in the small intestine and by that

considerable reduced coli forms

significantly lowered pH

more stability against infections

protection of the liver

better feed conversion by absorption rate

high egg production and stronger eggshells

less dirty eggs

high daily growth with best uniformity

lower mortality – more performance

lower water consumption – more dry litter

up to 40% less emission of ammonia and harmful gases

less nitrogen and phosphorus in the excrements

higher content of dry matter in the excrements


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