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APC Add. Z/ZI 0,2%

Art.Nr. 1200

Natural feed additives for breeding sows


The Concept

APC natural additive blends consist from a mixture of special clay minerals with synergistic effects.

We achieve high effects by a special physical processing and by that a much better utilization of all nutrients.

Additional APC Z/ZI 0,2% includes a special combination of herbs and ethereal oils. This combination increases the immunity. The animals are clearly healthier and more resistant to diseases!

By using APC Z/ZI 0,2% we are able to reduce strongly the input of protein and minerals in the formulas, which leads to the relief of the metabolism and the liver.

Therefore a reduced input of nitrogen and phosphorus over the feed causes a reduction N and P in the manure. Additional ammonia and noxious gases are reduced up to 50 %!


Usage                       2 kg for 1.000 kg ready feed for pregnant and suckling sows

                                                        Consulting and least cost optimization of the ready feed with APC Z/ZI 0,2% you will get from us directly or from our distributors.

package                    30 kg bag or Big Bag

stability                     6 months by original closed package

manufacturer           Mischfutterwerk ERES Schöllerbacher, A-4493 Wolfern (AT 6024)


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