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APC Procalf

Complement feed for a successful early weaning for calf rearing


The Concept

Usage: 30 gr Procalf per animal/day, in the milk or milk replacer for 6 weeks

Milk feeding plan with the APC early weaning concept!

Age/ weeks Milk/ Milk Repl. APC Procalf PreStarter
Intake average
1. Week Colostrum
2. Week 4 lt./ day 100g /day
3. Week 5 lt./ day 150- 250g/ day
4. Week 5 lt./ day 300- 500g/ day
5. Week 4 lt./ day 600- 800g/ day
6. Week 2 lt./ day 1.000 – 1.200g/ day
7. Week weaned 1.200 – 1.600g/ day

Usage:                       30 g per calf

Consulting and least cost optimization of the ready feed with APC PROCALF 30g you will get from us directly or from our distributors!

package                    30 kg bags or Big Bag

stability                     6 months by original closed packing

producer                   ERES Schöllerbacher,A-4493 Wolfern (aAT 6024)


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