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Complement feed for cows in the late lactation, dry cows, cows in preparation period, heifers and

fattening bulls

The Concept

  • The usage of carefully selected clay minerals chosen because of their synergistic effects are the basic of the product APC RZ/RZT 60 g.
  • APC subjected to a special physical processing which results in an improvement of the surface of mucous membrane of animal’s intestine. The results are a far better absorption of all nutrients and a lot less metabolic disorders.
  • By using of APC RZ/RZT 60 g the requirements of protein and minerals can be reduced and by that the metabolism and the liver of the animals are clearly relieved.
  • Therefore, a reduced input of nitrogen and phosphorus over the feed causes a reduction N and P in the faeces.

Usage                         60 g per cow/day                     Cows in the late lactation, dry cows, heifers and fattening bulls

Consulting and least cost optimization of the ready feed with APC RZ/RZT 60g you will get from us directly or from our distributors

package                    30 kg bags or Big Bag

stability                     6 months by original closed packing

producer                   Austria – feed mixing corp. ERES Schöllerbacher, A-4493 Wolfern (aAT 6024)


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