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APC is an Austrian company which is engaged in animal feeding in a very innovative way. Through its employees, APC has almost sixty years of experience.

It is a great achievement of the company that natural feed additives have been developed that allow significantly better absorption of minerals and proteins in animal nutrition, and provide better animal immunity, thereby bringing great economic and environmental benefits

This changes the requirements of the formulas and it is necessary that APC offers its partners and clients consulting in an up-to-date formula optimization!

APC produces its natural feed additive blends in a work-sharing partnership with the company Schöllerbacher, ERES Tiernahrung, which is specialised in the production of such kind of products and has years of experiences in this technical field.

This Company is, of course, EU certified and is constant under official control by the Federal Office of Agricultural Biology and fulfil therefore the Austrian and EU regulations. In addition, the company is QS certified since 2004.

Founder of APC

Porträt Werner Speer

     Werner Speer has been in the feed industry for over 55 years.

He worked and collected knowledge and experience in a couple of big and well-known companies from Austria and abroad.

He was always interested in the feeding concepts , recipe optimization and improvements in the feeding. Another interesting point for him was sustainability and animal health. That was the reason why he connected with Prof. Halama from the Boku university in Vienna. Prof. Halama was investigating the effects of clay minerals in animal feeding. He was achieving interesting results, but the inclusion rate was minimum 3% -5% of clay minerals, but this high percentage of ash lowers the energy in the formula too much!

So Mr Speer was looking for solutions to minimize the inclusion rates by adding other natural ingredients and he found a way of physical processing, which enhanced the effectiveness of the additives and enabled him to reduce the inclusion rate step by step to 0,2%, which made the usage feasible!

The effects surpassed the results with pure clay minerals by far and many trials showed that Mr Speer was able to achieve by far better results, even he decreased the inclusion rate dramatically.

The results have been tested in many universities around the globe and it has shown that the APC natural additives have a strong influence in the small intestine . The amount of lacto bacteria increased by 13 times by improving their environment and that resulted in a decrease of pathogenic bacteria to around 10 % compared to the control groups. Through the increase of lacto bacteria there was evidence and prove of a substantial reduction of the ph value in the intestine and that led to an increase of immunity.

As well the gut barrier improved, because the surface of the mucosa was improved and therefore less mortality was always the result and led to strongly increased performance figures, like FCR and mortality, ADG.

For the layers always better eggshells.

Professor Dr. Dridi from the University Tunis made together with Professor Dr. Gharbi the first trials with broilers, Layers, and breeders in the University Tunisia. They were so  exited from the results, that they worked many years for APC after they went in pension. Dr. Dridi found out after he works in the praxis with breeders, that the chicks from hens, fed with 0,2% APC were always heavier and more vital after hatching. He analyzed the eggshell carefully and found out, that these effects are coming from higher tensity from the eggshells and that’s why bacteria cannot penetrate during hatching.

Since the reduction of the inclusion rate to 0,2%  APC has remarkable responses from around the globe. On top of the remarkable products, we offer an in-depth consulting, in order to get the optimum production results for our clients and the environment!


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